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Dr.KIDS is a parent brand, manufacturing children’s supplements based in Tehran, Iran.

Solution: The project was started with the brand’s name and the goal: Improving children’s health in order to become stronger. When it came to package design, i was inspired to create a character in order to tell the brand’s story. Searching with this idea, i chose Lion, as a symbol of strength (stronger than most other animal symbols), also the symbol of wisdom, power, courage. In some ways, Lions might also refer to personal power and the ability to overcome challenges. Besides, the lion also is a character of care and affection, so it could illustrate both the Dr (as the brand’s definition) and the kids (as the target group). In the following, i started to illustrate each product empyazing on its specific function. For example in Zinc supplement, improving immune system is shown by the lion illustrated in superman custom. L-Arginine packaging is illustrated to show a surprising effect on kids growth and height.

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improving children’s health, making them STRONGER

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They come in different fruity flavors


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